About Us

Our vision is that Canadian oceans are managed through evidence-based research and well-informed marine planning practices.

To help achieve this vision, the Canadian Coastal Research Society will:
• Engage actively in scientific research, mapping and analysis;
• Promote ecosystem-based management, public access to scientific data and public policy based in sound science;
• Educate decision-makers and the public concerning best practices in ocean management and the value of intact ocean ecosystems.

Our work will be guided by:
• Sound science: We believe that good public policy must be founded on the best scientific information available.
• Access to information: We believe good public policy requires a common understanding of the facts. We strive to collect, verify and publish data in a manner that makes it accessible to everyone.
• Public education and participation: We believe marine plans must be responsive to the needs of communities whose livelihood is gained on the water. We strive to achieve the involvement of all affected parties in the creation, acceptance, compliance and enforcement of marine plans.

To accomplish this, we contract the expertise we need for each initiative we take on.