Astrid ScholzAstrid Scholz

Dr. Astrid J. Scholz is the Immediate Past President of Ecotrust, an organization based in Portland, Oregon (USA) committed to creating wellbeing for people and place. She advises the organization on the Resilience Exchange, an initiative to accelerate the pace of social change through fostering collaboration and innovation that Ecotrust has been incubating with a consortium of like minded organizations and companies since 2013. Scholz is the co-editor of a book on integrated geographic information systems, Place Matters. Scholz holds an M.A. in Economics and Philosophy from the University of St. Andrews, an M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Bristol, and a Ph.D. in Energy and Resources from the University of California, Berkeley.

Jasper ShoreMichael P. (Jasper) Shore

Jasper has spent the majority of his life at sea, working as a charter captain, a commercial fisherman and shipwright. He has made five crossings of the Atlantic and two of the Pacific and chartered in the Mediterranean, the North Sea and the Caribbean. He owned and operated his own troller on the B.C. coast for several years and will tell you with some authority that it’s the most beautiful place on earth. Jasper chose this coast for his home port in 2003, after decades of seasonal residence. Watching the depletion of fisheries and increase in ocean traffic over 40 years, he has become passionate about the need to study and protect the ocean and its resources.

Sheree JohnsonSheree Johnson

Sheree is a co-founder of StoryTellings with 30 years of industry and consulting experience in marketing, sales, finance, strategy development, and planning. In addition to founding CompQuest Consulting and StoryTellings™ with her husband, Edward Wachtman, Sheree played a critical role building two successful market research companies and has worked with clients in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Edward WachtmanEdward Wachtman

Edward is a co-founder of StoryTellings and has worked for over 20 years as a management and marketing consultant. Throughout his career Edward has worked with global organizations such as: Ford, Daimler-Chrysler, General Motors, General Electric, IBM, Intrawest, DHL, British Airways, TD Bank Financial Group, Procter and Gamble…to list a few.

Ian ThomsonIan Thomson

Ian is a Partner of Waterfall Group. He has over 25 years of experience in strategic change, industry development, with expertise in policy development and implementation, market development, and sustainability.

Ian was a co-founder of Canadian Bioenergy Corporation and served as President from 2005 – 2011. During this time, Ian developed and led the operation of a nation-wide biofuel import and distribution business and a number of first- and second-generation biofuel and bioenergy project development efforts. Since 2005, Ian has co-founded several biofuel industry associations, and is currently serving as the President of Advanced Biofuels Canada. He is a former Chartered Accountant, and an avid adventurer, residing on Bowen Island BC.